love you.

dear rajon rondo,

we should get married and here are several reasons why.

1. you are so cute i can't stand it. (even if you're red bull's advertising bitch.)

2. i like roller skating, too!! it's totally superior to roller blading, which is for homosexuals (not that there's anything wrong with that) and pre-teen boys who are too afraid to skateboard.

3. you love your mama lots and she loves you lots. precious.

4. you are so cute i can't even stand it. (i can count it again because i have a different picture.)

5. gramma (may she rest in peace) always liked you very much because of the way you play the game. you just get it done. she would definitely approve and be just so proud.

oh, and one last reason:

6. your incredible performance this evening against the (damn) lakers in game 5 of the nba finals when you got that ball and drove it in with artistry, over and over again. ARTISTRY, I SAY!!

celtics in six.

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