doing the running man into the future.

first things first, i've been doing way too much of this alone in my room at night.

use your imagination & laugh at that as you please.

now on to more serious matters. besides my obvious option of being a back-up dancer in the nineties, i've been pondering lately exactly what the hell i'm doing with my life. everything i'm interested in doing would require at least three, probably four or more years of school.

1. law. SUPER appealing. not super practical. my current gpa is nothing i want to state in writing, and it would require lots of school, money and ambition to do it. i'm not really into that stuff.

2. teaching. this was my plan since the tenth grade. i feel pretty lukewarm about the whole thing at this point. maybe it's just like, the seven year itch of career plans?

3. journalism/writing. this is most definitely what i am most interested in, but again with the lousy grades, and also, i don't know that i could commit to a certain topic. which i think would have to happen for me to be any good at anything. politcs? music? fiction of sorts? i couldn't commit to just one.

dudes, i know you don't care. but guess what, neither do i. i just feel like i should. i ain't the youngest kid on the block. (i know that's not a thing people say.)

someone make me independently wealthy? plz? babes?


Bingy said...

Here is my suggestion: go to kollege. Study journalism but ALSO get a teaching certificate... and do Pre-Law requirements.
That way, when you graduate you can decide what to do. This is what I'm planning on doing-- I'm going to major in Art History with an Environmental Studies concentration on the Pre-Med track. Awesome!

k. said...

oh, bing. always the voice of logic.