i really love making lists of things i want for my birthday. 1) because i'm a greedy biotch, and 2) because i can ask for all sorts of crazy stuff cause i know i won't get it. my birthday is in exactly 3 weeks (friday the 13th, fools!) so here we go.

1. moccasin boots. i mean, i've wanted these for like...six years. maybe someday i'll get them.

2. a unicorn. sigh. if only.

3. a unicorn t-shirt. a little more realistic. also i could cut the sleeves off and really rock that thing.

4. the entire series of the oc. because it was the greatest show. ever.

5. some sweet nineties records. like the breeders. or smashing pumpkins. or you know, like...collective soul.

mkay. that's it for now.


dudes, i got a BF.

remember me, everyone? i used to blog a long time ago before i was crazy depressed and then doing nothing with my life for a long while and then i got a boyfriend so now THAT'S why i have time for nothing else. like blogging.

i like him alright. i mean, we're pretty cute together.

and he's really sweet to me. and he's got a beard. and likes comic books and music and creepy movies. and sometimes he's a wolfman. which you know... i'm totally into.

we go to the drive-in together, and hang out at toys-r-us together, and watch cartoons together. and you know what? he doesn't even make fun of me for liking unicorns so much.

basically he's the greatest. i just thought i'd let you know, internet.


a photographic time-warp.

i had a decent four years out west.

family portraits with jenni with the dreads.

nineties parties with MOA kids.

besties thursdays con allison.

daily photo shoots with kimatrice.

motorcycle trips to the ditch of doom.

sucktards swinging in the winter.

trace giving sketchy homemade tattoos.

festivus for the rest of us.

canyon bonfires.

grafitti trips to granola.

fall walks to school with caitlin.


trips to california just to buy records.

scooter trips to nevada.

scooter gangs in nevada.


outhouses & aunt laura.

mandrew ripping his jeans through the inner thigh.

gregasaurus kicking my ass.

cecily telling me i smell like japan.

birthday bonfires & jazz hats.

ruining roommate wedding pictures.

painted temple.

singing 'you are my sunshine' at fish funerals.

macey's 59 cent ice cream cones with dani california.

canyon drives with mike in the winter.

ned the wonderdog & the compound: the best home i've ever had.

temple square christmas lights.

maverik ice cream in the middle of nowhere.

devil's playground light graffiti.

kiwanis park & zupas kids.

besties. & misspelled venue marquis.

mad ups to all the folks that actually took these photos: trevor christensen, seghezzi, jenni with the dreads, etc. love you tonzz.


doing the running man into the future.

first things first, i've been doing way too much of this alone in my room at night.

use your imagination & laugh at that as you please.

now on to more serious matters. besides my obvious option of being a back-up dancer in the nineties, i've been pondering lately exactly what the hell i'm doing with my life. everything i'm interested in doing would require at least three, probably four or more years of school.

1. law. SUPER appealing. not super practical. my current gpa is nothing i want to state in writing, and it would require lots of school, money and ambition to do it. i'm not really into that stuff.

2. teaching. this was my plan since the tenth grade. i feel pretty lukewarm about the whole thing at this point. maybe it's just like, the seven year itch of career plans?

3. journalism/writing. this is most definitely what i am most interested in, but again with the lousy grades, and also, i don't know that i could commit to a certain topic. which i think would have to happen for me to be any good at anything. politcs? music? fiction of sorts? i couldn't commit to just one.

dudes, i know you don't care. but guess what, neither do i. i just feel like i should. i ain't the youngest kid on the block. (i know that's not a thing people say.)

someone make me independently wealthy? plz? babes?


love you.

dear rajon rondo,

we should get married and here are several reasons why.

1. you are so cute i can't stand it. (even if you're red bull's advertising bitch.)

2. i like roller skating, too!! it's totally superior to roller blading, which is for homosexuals (not that there's anything wrong with that) and pre-teen boys who are too afraid to skateboard.

3. you love your mama lots and she loves you lots. precious.

4. you are so cute i can't even stand it. (i can count it again because i have a different picture.)

5. gramma (may she rest in peace) always liked you very much because of the way you play the game. you just get it done. she would definitely approve and be just so proud.

oh, and one last reason:

6. your incredible performance this evening against the (damn) lakers in game 5 of the nba finals when you got that ball and drove it in with artistry, over and over again. ARTISTRY, I SAY!!

celtics in six.