i really love making lists of things i want for my birthday. 1) because i'm a greedy biotch, and 2) because i can ask for all sorts of crazy stuff cause i know i won't get it. my birthday is in exactly 3 weeks (friday the 13th, fools!) so here we go.

1. moccasin boots. i mean, i've wanted these for like...six years. maybe someday i'll get them.

2. a unicorn. sigh. if only.

3. a unicorn t-shirt. a little more realistic. also i could cut the sleeves off and really rock that thing.

4. the entire series of the oc. because it was the greatest show. ever.

5. some sweet nineties records. like the breeders. or smashing pumpkins. or you know, like...collective soul.

mkay. that's it for now.

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Heather said...

I Love that you want Smashing Pumpkins. Little known fact, I have a SP tattoo on my shoulder. What Up. Highly reccommended.