dudes, i got a BF.

remember me, everyone? i used to blog a long time ago before i was crazy depressed and then doing nothing with my life for a long while and then i got a boyfriend so now THAT'S why i have time for nothing else. like blogging.

i like him alright. i mean, we're pretty cute together.

and he's really sweet to me. and he's got a beard. and likes comic books and music and creepy movies. and sometimes he's a wolfman. which you know... i'm totally into.

we go to the drive-in together, and hang out at toys-r-us together, and watch cartoons together. and you know what? he doesn't even make fun of me for liking unicorns so much.

basically he's the greatest. i just thought i'd let you know, internet.


Bing said...

Hmm... I'll have to talk this over with the National Council of Womyn and Grrlz to decide if we have to revoke your FemCred.

hahaha totally kidding. More like cute cred, amirite?!

k. said...

ur totally rite!!!!!! ROFL <3

The Klappoths said...

OI! Where are the pictures of your apartment you promised me like thuh-ree weeks ago! I'm so happy you're so happy and all I'm so cute with my boyfriend that usually makes people wanna barf, but totally not me and other cool people because you're totally cool and it's not like, "Omg, I totally love him he's so sexy he's my cuddle bear!" (Even though that's probably what you think which is totes mcgotes totally fine.)

 Natalie said...

Oh, man, totally happy for you and totally miss you. He looks like a dreamboat and I want to meet him.