a photographic time-warp.

i had a decent four years out west.

family portraits with jenni with the dreads.

nineties parties with MOA kids.

besties thursdays con allison.

daily photo shoots with kimatrice.

motorcycle trips to the ditch of doom.

sucktards swinging in the winter.

trace giving sketchy homemade tattoos.

festivus for the rest of us.

canyon bonfires.

grafitti trips to granola.

fall walks to school with caitlin.


trips to california just to buy records.

scooter trips to nevada.

scooter gangs in nevada.


outhouses & aunt laura.

mandrew ripping his jeans through the inner thigh.

gregasaurus kicking my ass.

cecily telling me i smell like japan.

birthday bonfires & jazz hats.

ruining roommate wedding pictures.

painted temple.

singing 'you are my sunshine' at fish funerals.

macey's 59 cent ice cream cones with dani california.

canyon drives with mike in the winter.

ned the wonderdog & the compound: the best home i've ever had.

temple square christmas lights.

maverik ice cream in the middle of nowhere.

devil's playground light graffiti.

kiwanis park & zupas kids.

besties. & misspelled venue marquis.

mad ups to all the folks that actually took these photos: trevor christensen, seghezzi, jenni with the dreads, etc. love you tonzz.


Allison said...

love *you* tons

kendar said...

I love this. It seems like you have the best adventures ever.

Jenni said...

... bing took a good number of those photos (ok, at least one). just sayin'

Caitlin said...

I like the pictures with me in them because I miss you. Come back!

 Natalie said...


 Natalie said...

post morrrrre!

 Natalie said...

love love love love love love this post so so so much.